Osmocote Fertilizer


Product Description

Osmocote controlled-release fertilizer has formulations that are suitable for your vegetable garden, indoor and outdoor plants. The nutrients are surrounded by a biodegradable resin made from soybean. Once the granules are in the soil, osmosis pushed the nutrients out of the granule and into the soil. The reduces the risk of fertilizer burn on sensitive plants. Compared to other controlled-release fertilizers, Osmocote releases the highest amount of nutrients into the soil at cooler temperatures.

Sprinkle couple tablespoon of fertilizer on topsoil or mix through with potting soil.

Add additional fertilizer every four to six months. You may need slightly more or less fertilizer depending on the plant or crop and the temperatures during the growing season.

Available sizes: 200g / 1kg bag

–  Free delivery for purchase over ฿2,500.
–  Delivery within 5 days upon order confirmation.

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